There are many people who fly one way from point A to B on direct flights but it is interesting to know that airline charge premium on direct flights and generally direct flights are more expensive than indirect flights. There are exceptions of course.

Well my point is to always add point C and check if you can save some money I am going to give you some of the examples below –

  1. Turkish Airline from Bangkok to Istanbul one way in business class – 2145 USD

We want to reach to Istanbul on Turkish Airline and pay less so lets add Abu Dhabi and it will look like Bangkok – Istanbul – Abu Dhabi (Stopover in Istanbul) – 1006 USD (You will end up saving more than 50% and you are actually paying economy class price to fly in business class).

2. Emirates from Bangkok to Dubai one way in business class – 1535 USD

Now lets do Bangkok – Dubai – Muscat (Stopover in Dubai) – 1252 USD

3. Etihad from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi one way in business class – 1433 USD

Now lets do Bangkok – Abu Dhabi – Muscat (Stopover in Abu Dhabi) – 642 USD (You are saving more than 50% here)

We do have millions of examples and it can be from any country. You can always contact me if you need any assistance.