Its been a long time that I didn’t posted a review but finally I am back again.

Recently I flew out of VCE to IST on Turkish Airline and was shocked to visit the one of the worst airport lounge I have ever seen.

  • This is only lounge which is used by all airlines at VCE airport.
  • It was crowded and but I was able to find a seat but there were many people who were unable to find a place to sit.
  • There is was a notice that they are upgrading the lounge for better experience in future.
  • The big let down was the food. I was unable to eat anything and I have never seen any Business class lounge using disposables.
  • You can’t take any drink but need to ask staff. Looks like they are afraid that people may take them home.

After all this was the worst experience in any Business class lounge. It is better to stay out of the lounge.

I hope that it will be ungraded for better experience in near future.