Date – 08 Jan 2017

From VCE to IST on TK1872

Most of the flight to and from were canceled a day before and day after this flight but my flight was not effected. I was traveling with my baby who is 7 months old at the time of this flight. I tried to book a front row seats which has cot facility but they seemed blocked. I requested same seats during checkin and an agent informed that seats were blocked and they are unable to assign it to us.

Well what is a logic to keeping those seats blocked when someone traveling with infant and need them. I know that some airline keep them blocked and make them available only to the passengers who travel with Infant.

Well, I asked her to try so she made some calls and was unable to unblock the seats on this flight but not on my connecting flight.

We went using business class fast track line and security was done within minutes. We went to the business class lounge which turned out to be the one of the worst business class lounges I even visited.

We went to the gate on time but found that flight was late and finally we were on board after 45 mins delay.

Seats are fine for 2 hours 45 mins flight.

Turkish Airline A319 business class seats

Drink, hot towel as usual.

Lunch was served but I didn’t took a lot of pictures as always but I like Turkish airline food service.

Turkish airline appetiser 
View out of window

Well it was a nice flight and Istanbul was facing one of the worst snow storm and lots of flights been canceled. I was hoping best for my connecting flight.

I will post a review of Turkish airline business class lounge in my next post.